We produce detailed and rigorous 3D reconstructions

Computer graphics are one of the most effective tools for visual description of Cultural Heritage

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What is a Digital Reconstruction?

The object of a Digital Reconstruction is to produce an accurate, coherent and easily comprehensible representation of a studied subject by following a specific methodology that requires technical skills in combination with aesthetic skills and scientific research. Therefore, Digital Reconstructions can be used to reveal a lost or poorly preserved landscape, city, monument or object. In order to emphasize accuracy, all our reconstruction projects are undertaken in collaboration with historical/archaeological consultants who are experts in their various fields.

Visual representation can be done with traditional drawing or modern 3D computer graphics, our favorite medium. They need to be realistic, attractive and accurate because they serve an educational purpose. What’s more, if you are looking for interaction and examination from all directions, the benefits of digital reconstructions are beyond doubt.

Our Specialist

All Virtus Magic reconstructions are produced and/or supervised by experienced specialist Daniel Baños:

Born in 1981 at Barcelona (Spain), from an early age he developed a passion for Computer Graphics and History.
After qualifying as an engineer in 2004, he worked several years in the automotive design industry and lived in Germany, where he took part in Design and 3D Visualization projects. Upon returning to Barcelona in 2012, he devoted himself fully to the reconstruction of ancient heritage through Computer Graphics. Since then, he has participated in several reconstruction projects for Museums and Councils and contributed to several research publications such as the prestigious Deutsches Archäologisches Institut and the Universitat de Girona (UgG).

The main motivation that led him to practice this profession is to contribute to the instruction of society in the knowledge of History and promote the value of historical heritage among the public.

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More Details

For more details about the possibilities of Digital Reconstructions and showcase the porftolio, check Daniel Baños webpage.

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