3D Documentation and Aerial shooting

We film and digitize sites and objects for documentation and visualisation

Current technologies are revolutionising the ways in which researchers and institutions can organise, educate and facilitate cultural heritage


We are specialized in high accuracy photogrammetry techniques through drone (UAV) at very low altitudes. The modern technology we use has much to offer:

Aerial filming:
create stunning videos and offer great views from any location.

3D Documentation:
extract high accuracy measures as well as 2D plans, sections, orto-photographs, etc. from your site/monument/object.

Excavation layer preservation:
Stratigraphic archaeological excavations demand high-resolution documentation techniques for 3D
recording. We will be able to limit the destructive nature of an excavation by “recording” each excavated layer.

Rescue archaeology:
preserve a digital and accurate replica of the site to minimize the consequences of its disappearance or destruction.

Digital restoration of fragmented remains:
reconstruct and fill in the missing parts of a fragmented object ensuring that all measures taken are reversible.

3D Printing:
create physical replicas from the 3D models for tactile engagement and display impossible exhibits.

Classifying finds:
integrate your 3D models into a database and create a digital catalog.

Preservation for the future:
a digital replica prevents a complete loss of information in case of destruction: earthquakes, robberies, bad manipulation, etc.

Do you still believe 3D models are just valid for illustrative purposes?

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