Interactive touch screen kiosks

We provide fixed tablet kiosks with interactive multimedia content

Ideal to improve the flow of the visitor’s journey and personalize it’s experience by offering information based on their interests.

Tactile Tablet kiosk experience

● Visualize interactive 3D reconstructions in 360º degree: Integrate our digital reconstructions to offer clear and visual interpretation to the visitor.

● Additional multimedia contents: In collaboration with you, we will add all necessary text, audio, pictures or videos to enrich the experience during the visit.


● Ideal for group visits: Families, schools, etc. can interact with the screen at different points of an itinerary.


● Delivery: We provide a secure lockable enclosure and the tablet device with it’s interactive program ready for use in kiosk mode.

● Internet acces: Our experience does not require internet connection.

● Maintenance: We offer technical assistance and training.

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