360º Tour Tablet Guide

"On site" use

We provide ready-to-use tablet devices with customized tours for on-site use

Let your visitors visualize the original aspect of the site

Tablet tour guide for demonstration purposes


● Visualize 3D reconstructions at specific points during the tour route.

● Interactive Past/Present button to activate/deactivate the reconstruction visualization.

● Full 360º interactive panoramas: You’ll see everything around you as you rotate the tablet

● Additional multimedia contents: Add any text, audio, pictures or videos to enrich the experience during the visit.


● Individual visit: up to 4 visitors can use it comfortably at the same time and follow the route.

● Group visit: with just 3 tablets and a trained guide it is possible to manage groups of 20-25 visitors to follow the tour route.

● Indoor and Outdoor use: Our screen devices and contents are adapted to be visible under strong direct sunlight conditions.

● Non-invasive solution: Avoid cluttering up valuable spaces with panels, monitors and audio speakers.

Vilauba 360 Tour Tablet Guide
Tablet trolley

● Delivery: All devices will be ready for use and in Kiosk mode. Just turn it on and enjoy.

● Storage and manipulation: secure, portable trolley case to keep tablets charged and stored. Easily transported.

● Internet acces: Our tablet apps does not require internet connection to work properly.

● Maintenance: We offer technical assistance and training.

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